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Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI) is a permanent intergovernmental regional organization comprised of nine member countries from South East Europe (SEE): Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia.

RAI’s mission is to lead regional cooperation to support anti-corruption efforts by providing a common platform for discussions through sharing knowledge and best practices.

RAI is a product of states’ cooperation, institutionalized by signing the Memorandum of Understanding concerning cooperation in fighting corruption through Regional AntiCorruption Initiative (previously known as Stability Pact Anti-Corruption Initiative – SPAI), signed in 2007 and the Protocol amending the MoU, signed in 2013.

The organization’s Secretariat is based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and it serves as the center for regional anti-corruption cooperation in SEE through coordination, facilitation and dissemination of best practices and lessons learned. It facilitates regional cooperation and efforts in curbing corruption in SEE by building on existing actions, though better coordination of all efforts, and by relying on high-level political commitment.

RAI adopts human rights based approach and promotes anti-discrimination by promoting the impact of corruption is looked at from perspectives including gender, disability and poverty.

The Chairperson is a leader of regional cooperation who advocates for RAI commitments. He/she provides leadership and strategic support to the organization.

The Chairperson plays a pivotal role within the Initiative’s framework for ensuring the permanent coordination of the activities undertaken by the member countries in implementing the commitments endorsed within the RAI Strategic Document.

Role and responsibilities
The Chairperson shall:
– Represent RAI and its Steering Group in relation with all international partners and promote the implementation of the RAI’s strategic objectives;
– Foster the dialogue with RAI stakeholders;
– Convene once per year (or whenever necessary) the Steering Group Meetings and chair them;
– Issue decisions taken by the Steering Group of the Initiative;
– Oversee the enforcement of decisions taken by the Steering Group of the Initiative;
– Give strategic guidance to the RAI Secretariat in order to ensure the achievement of its mission and objectives;
– Ensure overall coordination and supervision of RAI Secretariat on behalf of the Steering Group;
– Chair high-level regional events;
– Promote human rights based approach within the Organization.
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