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Institutional Consultancy

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Opis radnog mjesta: Institutional Consultancy – Design and implementation of behavioral and social change campaign for ending violence against children and social inclusion of children with disabilities

Request for Proposals 002/2018

Institutional Consultancy – Design and implementation of behavioral and social change campaign for ending violence against children and social inclusion of children with disabilities

UNICEF works in some of the world’s toughest places, to reach the world’s most disadvantaged children. To save their lives. To defend their rights. To help them fulfill their potential. Across 190 countries and territories, we work for every child, everywhere, every day, to build a better world for everyone. And we never give up.
Promotion of child rights, especially the most disadvantaged ones, requires efficient, persuasive, clear and understandable two-way communication.

UNICEF Country Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina is requesting a bids from qualified companies to design and implement nationwide campaign, social mobilization events and awareness raising activities aimed at increasing public support for the protection of children from violence and social inclusion of children with disabilities, based on the strategy for behavioral and social change, which was designed and implemented based on the evidence collected throughout past five years.

– Production and dissemination of key messages adapted to various communication channels (TV, radio, print, online, direct) and target groups (parents, children, service providers, media, religious and community leaders)
– Adaptation of previously developed visuals for each topic
– PR support to UNICEF and partners throughout the campaign, with specific focus on public events and launch
– Production of feature video or animation, illustrating developmental path of the child, which might take two directions: one with „missed opportunities and adverse events, resulting in unwanted or delinquent behavior and the opposite path with positive outcome.
– Production and nationwide broadcasting of dialogue format TV (to be available online as well) programme on at least 4 TV channels, featuring professionals, CSOs, children, volunteers, policy makers, experts, media, celebrities) and displaying key messages on inclusion and integration of children with disabilities into society
– Production and nationwide broadcasting of dialogue format TV (to be available online as well) featuring professionals, CSOs, children, volunteers, policy makers, experts, media) and displaying key messages on violence against chirldern with special focus on corporal punishment
– Provision of all logistic support for TV programme production (scenery, travel, coordination, scripts)
– Production and broadcasting of human interest stories in various media formats, including video, materials for print media and internet portals
– Production and dissemination of documentary videos, captivating with key programme interventions and results (videos can be used as independent media material or incorporated in thematic TV programmes, to illustrate discussion)
– Social media campaign, featuring key portals, UNICEF’s FB and web.
– Negotiations for free media space and media partnerships
– Creation of social movement (supporters, friends and influencers engaged throughout the campaign) around changing the social norms and identifying champions
– Design and implement inclusive, participatory end engaging model of social mobilisation around changing the social norms
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O zaposleniku

Znanja i kvalifikacije:Required expertise / Criteria for the selection:

• At least 5 years of experience in developing and implementing communication campaign targeting the awareness raising, social and behavioural change
• At least 5 years of experience in organization of events
• At least 5 years of experience in the area of media, social marketing and communication
• Understanding of social change theories and their applications in communication campaigns
• Ability for production of all forms of media materials, including traditional, digital, video etc.
• Ability to produce reports and statistics on audiences, reach, and clipping
• Basic understanding and knowledge of international principles and legal instruments related to child protection;
• Ability to implement innovative and efficient models of campaigning for social change
• Good knowledge of UNICEF, Child Protection, Communication for Development and the media situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Previous experience with UNICEF or other UN agencies is an asset
• Excellence in English language, written and oral ;
• Excellence in BCS language and understanding of context is mandatory;
Potential contractors should submit bidding documentation consisting of technical (A) and financial proposal (B):

A) Technical proposal (one separate sealed envelope):
1. Cover letter ( ½ page A4) confirming understanding of the Terms of Reference and readiness to employ resources to support the achievement of outlined objectives and deliverables,
2. Copies of registration documents as required by applicable law, accompanied by VAT (PDV) registration (up to 5 pages maximum). Potential bidder must be legally registered and licensed for conducting public surveys;
3. Detailed description of the planned approach to organize and manage requested services (i.e. description of methodology, up to 5 pages maximum);
4. Description of previously implemented similar activities and list of references (up to 2 pages maximum with relevant links and contact details for reference check); list of partners and subcontractors should be enclosed:
5. CVs of team members to be directly responsible for this assignment (200 words with relevant links);
6. CV of the leading expert in the Company/Agency;
7. Supplier Profile form and VMD Form.
8. CD comprising the technical offer ONLY.

B) Financial proposal (one separate sealed envelope):
LFRP 9138017 Form is to be filled out and submitted together with detailed budget proposal with short description of each budget item. Budget should be presented by deliverables with short explanation.
Detailed Terms of Reference and detailed instruction how to submit proposal for the requested services can be found on the UNICEF BiH website:

Proposals and budgets should be submitted in English language. The proposals must be mailed to UNICEF, address: Zmaja od Bosne bb, and delivered in two separate sealed and marked envelopes (one envelope containing only the technical proposal printed out and saved on CD and the other envelope with the financial proposal printed out) by 15 March 2018 at 17.00 hrs with the remark: Proposal for RFP no. 002/2018 for the Institutional Consultancy – Design and implementation of behavioral and social change campaign for ending violence against children and social inclusion of children with disabilities

Please note that the technical offer (print out and CD) should not have any data on the budget, i.e. financial aspect of the offer (this should be exclusively stated in the financial offer envelope only).Contact details of the company should be printed on both envelopes. In case CD or Technical part of offer contains budget, offer is invalidated.

All bidders are invited for the public opening of the bids. The public opening will be held on 20 March 2018, at 11.00 hrs in UNICEF premises, Zmaja od Bosne bb, Sarajevo (UN House building).
Bidders should send questions related to submission of RFP to e-mail Answers will not be provided individually. All questions and related answers will be posted/publically available on UNICEF web page under Questions & Answers folder of the RFP. Source of questions (name of company who send question), will not be indicated.

The invitation for submission of proposals does not obligate signing of the contract with bidders, nor does it assume the obligation to pay the costs of preparing the bids. UNICEF accepts no responsibility for undelivered bids, and will not accept proposals after the closing date and time.

In accordance with UNICEF Rules and Regulations the award and the reasons for making the award are UNICEF’s internal decision and information about other bidders or their bids must not be divulged.
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