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Environmental Compliance Expert (m/f)

USAID/Sweden FARMA II - Description of Project
USAID and the Government of Sweden have awarded Cardno Emerging Markets USA a five-year contract for implementation of the Fostering Agricultural Markets Activity II (FARMA II) project in Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH). The purpose of the FARMA II Project is to create agricultural and agribusiness economic opportunities for BiH farmers and entrepreneurs. FARMA II will achieve this by assisting agricultural producer organizations to adopt European Union (EU) and international agricultural and food standards and new production techniques, produce new high value products and expand their access to foreign and domestic markets. The sectors currently being supported include: fruits and vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plants, honey, dairy and poultry. Specific support to sub-sectors include provision of technical assistance and training support, aiming to expand environmentally sustainable production and processing and enhance the production of value-added food products.

By supporting agricultural development, FARMA II can indirectly contribute to negative environmental impacts through all stages involved in producing, processing and delivery of foods. As such, FARMA II has an opportunity to strengthen internal environmental procedures to achieve positive environmental outcomes on-ground. Environmental compliance is an important part of FARMA’s requirements for implementation of all activities and particularly those supported through grant funds as per the approved Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) and Programmatic Environmental assessment (PEA).

Purpose of assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to promote good agricultural and environmental farming practices and to ensure FARMA II activities comply with USAID Environmental Regulations and conduct procedures and develop and implement mitigation measures and monitoring as stated in the Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) prepared for FARMA II. In particular, to ensure that the project complies with the Pesticide Evaluation Report and Safety Use Action Plan (PERSUAPs) and to encourage farmers and other beneficiaries to gradually adopt improved agro-environmental management practices and techniques. To accomplish these activities the Environmental Compliance Expert will be required to coordinate their activities with the FARMA II core staff .The purpose is also to ensure FARMA II environmental compliance through on-site visits of beneficiaries and assessment of proposed project activities and the development of suitable environmental mitigation measures (as defined within the PEA) and site-specific mitigation measures (as defined through the Environmental Due Dilligence (EDD) and Pollution Prevention Assessments (PPA). Through the support and guidance provide by this consultancy the project will have the expertise in the field to support the implementation of the project activities, ensuring compliance with 22 CFR 216 requirements, the IEE recommendations, and relevant BiH environmental laws and regulations. The consultant will follow all relevant environmental documents, templates and forms developed by FARMA II and propose adjustments and improvements, where appropriate. The environmental compliance expert will work with the project technical team to complete all required environmental screening for each planned project activity and targeted support for identified beneficiaries (both as individuals and in groups, where needed). He/she will assure that environmental mitigation and monitoring plans are prepared and implemented for all project activities.

Activities and Deliverables:

The expert shall oversee, support the performance of, and perform the following specific tasks:

  • Follow established procedures and monitoring of environmental compliance requirements, according to USAID Environmental Regulations and the Initial Environmental Examination (IEE);
  • Conduct site visits of FARMA II potential grantees to assess the project sites in preparation of environmental documentation forms and to assess compliance of proposed activities with FARMA II prescribed environmental compliance documentation and local environmental regulations;
  • Assess environmental risks and impacts (part of EDD, PPA), and prepare appropriate environment mitigation and monitoringmeasures in order to minimize potential adverse environmental impacts;
  • Provide direct advice and guidance to beneficiaries (in groups and/or individually) during relevant site visits on additional good agricultural and environmental practices that may be introduced over time, supported by short, easy to understand reports and/or other forms of communication appropriate for beneficiary use and application;
  • Provide advice and guidance on the promotion and development of good environmental practices through the FARMA II supported AgMENTOR virtual platform;
  • Conduct a progress site visit (if necessary) (EDD/PPA in case of physical interventions) and prepare relevant report(s) on implemented environmental mitigation measures and highlight other recommendations for improving environmental performance for proposed grant activities (and related beneficiaries – e.g. farmer groups who supply grantees);
  • Ensure that required environmental compliance documentation is prepared for all relevant project activities in the grant pre-award and post-award phase and provide appropriate reporting on progress in implementation on a monthly basis, as needed;
  • Identify and conduct training for project staff and subcontractors in order to address keyrisks and impacts in environmental compliance and prescribed mitigation measures;
  • Review FARMA II grant files to check if all environmental documentation required by PERSUAP and PEA are produced accordingly and filed;
  • Review FARMA II grant files requiring mitigation measures for significant environmental impact (if any) and ensure that these are properly addressed by grantees and documents filed;
  • Coordinate with the FARMA II technical teams to integrate data collected into the project’s reports and deliverables, as appropriate.

Timing and Level of Effort
Total LOE is estimated at up to 60daysand is expected to take place between June 2019and June 2020.

Qualifications and skills:

  • University degree in agriculture, environmental protection, natural resource protection, chemistry, biology or closely related subject;
  • Excellent analytical, communication, presentation and facilitation skills;
  • Excellent written and oral in both BHS and English language;
  • Excellent computer skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office applications;
  • Possession of driver license – B category;
  • Proven ability to work in a team and under pressure;
  • Willingness to travel BiH-wide as needed.

Professional experience:

  • At least 5 years of relevant professional experience;
  • At least 5 years of experience working in the environmental protection and/or, climate change field;
  • Knowledge or experience working with USG or other donor funded programs on environmental compliance would be considered a strong advantage.

We encourage qualifying candidates to send a Cover Letter including three References and CV of 3-pages or less via option "BRZA PRIJAVA".

The closing date for the receipt of applications is May 22, 2019.
Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd is an equal opportunity employer.
All information received will be treated with confidentiality.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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