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EMIS Assistant RS

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Application Deadline: 19-Sep-19 (Midnight New York, USA)

Type of Contract: Individual Contract

Post Level: National Consultant

Languages Required: English

Duration of Initial Contract: October 2019 – July 2020


The GCF Funded Climate Change Mitigation Project “Scaling-up Investment in Low-Carbon Public Buildings” aims to overcome barriers to investment in low-carbon retrofits of public buildings by addressing country and sector-specific investment risks, as follows:

Output 1 will provide technical assistance (TA) to public and private sector stakeholders at municipal, cantonal, entity and national level in BiH to help address non-financial barriers, and to create conducive policies, regulations and capacities for implementation of the National Investment Framework for Low-Carbon Public Buildings.
Output 2 will facilitate implementation of the National Investment Framework for Low-Carbon Public Buildings, including the required investment support to improve risk-return profiles and to bring prospective low-carbon building projects to financial close.
Overall, the project will result in a direct reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of 2,02 million tCO2e over the lifetime of the investments enabled, at a cost to the GCF of US$ 9/tCO2e. Within the Project, the EMIS – Energy Management Information System will be used in prioritization of the different investments by energy savings, energy related costs and by pay-back period, making it easier to prioritize between different investment opportunities. EMIS is a software application for the monitoring and analysis of energy consumption in public sector buildings and is an essential tool for systematic energy management.

It consists of web applications and databases that can be accessed via the Internet. Accessibility EMIS -in via the Internet provides easy entry of data which could be easily analyzed and printed in the form of graphs and reports. The main purpose of the system is dynamic monitoring of energy and water consumption in the facility. Input data include all data related to buildings; the general characteristics of the building; energy systems in the building; daily readings from the meter (remotely or manually entered) and the monthly bills for consumed energy and water. In order to better analysis and calculations of indicators of consumption were integrated and climate data. Based on the input data user shall take appropriate energy efficiency measures that result in energy and financial savings.

EMIS has been already developed (by UNDP Croatia) and widely used in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

EMIS Assistant will assist to Environmental Fund in RS, energy associates, energy managers and other relevant stakeholders in day-to-day implementation of the EMIS in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in smooth collaboration with local implementing partners. During the performance of the tasks, the EMIS Assistant will also be dealing and interacting with the representatives of public facilities in BiH and assisting in introducing EMIS (Energy Management Information System) application to users, and/or other target audience after the specialized training.

The incumbent will be based in Banja Luka, with half day obligatory presence at UNDP premises.

Duties and Responsibilities

The EMIS Assistant shall perform the following tasks:

Task 1: Call operator – communication with energy associates, energy managers and other relevant stakeholders, simple troubleshooting of EMIS, data entry controlling, data processing and simple analysis.

Task 2: Collect and analyze data for the building stock register of municipalities.

Task 3: Preparing and entering relevant data into EMIS. EMIS Assistant is expected to create register of buildings in EMIS and populate the data-base on buildings i.e energy and water consumption (bills for water/electricity/fuel/heat), and other related data. Data import and verification in the Energy Management Information System – EMIS application. Assist in implementation of other activities of EMIS implementation.

Task 4: Undertaking administrative tasks, verifying information and responding to queries.

Task 5: Assistance in monitoring-verification-reporting mechanisms.

Task 6: Providing support to the organization and delivery of EMIS trainings for energy associates /energy managers /end-users on data collection and entering into EMIS.

Other various technical and administrative matters related to GCF Project Manager.

All of the above listed tasks shall be performed under the supervision of Project Manager in cooperation with other project staff.

More information and application:
Vrsta posla:rad na određeno vrijeme
Regija:Bosansko-podrinjski kanton regija, Distrikt Brčko regija, Hercegovačko-neretvanski kanton regija, Kanton 10 regija, Posavski kanton regija, Republika Srpska regija, Kanton Sarajevo regija, Srednjobosanski kanton regija, Tuzlanski kanton regija, Unsko-sanski kanton regija, Zapadnohercegovački kanton regija, Zeničko-dobojski kanton regija

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