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Associate Support Officer

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Opis radnog mjesta: United Nations Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals

DATE OF ISSUANCE : 17 November 2017
OFFICE : Witness Support and Protection Unit (WISP)
LOCATION : Sarajevo Field Office

This position is located in the Witness Support and Protection Unit (WISP), Sarajevo Field Office. Under the general supervision of the Head, Witness Support and Protection Unit (WISP), the Associate Support Officer will be tasked with the provision of support services to maintain the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of victims and witnesses appearing before the MICT. The incumbent will be based in the WISP Field Office, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The incumbent will perform the following duties:
– Providing for the preparation and follow-up needs of witnesses prior to and post testimony, with particular attention given to survivors of sexual assault, torture and trauma;
– Provide psychosocial support to relocated and temporarily relocated witnesses by taking appropriate actions and liaising with other actors to ensure the wellbeing of the witnesses and their accompanying family members;
– Providing information to the witness and the facilitation of arrangements relating to their travel and appearance before the MICT;
– Undertaking professional assessments of the support needs of victims and witnesses, and, where appropriate, providing counseling and other related assistance to witnesses;
– Determining the vulnerability of witnesses as part of making referrals for services to NGOs and relevant specialist bodies that provide medical, psychological, psychiatric or other required assistance and monitoring and following up on such referrals;
– Liaising with NGO’s and local authorities for the purpose of exchanging information, strengthening cooperative referral relationships and identifying new options for referral;
– Monitoring the well-being of victims and witnesses during testimony via video-link and deposition in the regions of the former Yugoslavia, and where required, providing supportive counseling and de-briefing to video-link witnesses during the testimony period;
– Working collaboratively with WISP staff and other MICT Sections to ensure comprehensive support services to witnesses;
– Maintaining up-to-date and detailed records on individual cases of victims and witnesses, their needs, and the assistance required and provided to them;
– Assisting Head of WISP in the development, production and updating of existing materials and resources to inform victims and witnesses about their appearance before the MICT,
– Maintaining at all times strict confidentiality on matters relating to witnesses and victims.
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Regija:Kanton Sarajevo regija

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